Download Minecraft APK PE 2022-Hidden Features

Minecraft game is the most creative and logical game you love to play on your pc and other devices. But now it’s also available in a pocket edition with more innovative features and a fantastic interface. Besides, you can also create any 3d structure as per your wish with the given 3d blocks. Moreover, Minecraft APK PE is also an amazing addition to the world of minecart. Further, this game also has good music tracks and lots of survival and creative missions.

Minecraft Apk Pe

Minecraft Apk pe

Minecraft pocket edition is a fantastic edition in the Minecraft world, where you can show your maximum creativity. Likewise, you can convert simple items into luxurious castles as per your creativity. The fantastic feature of this game is a multiplayer game you can compete with your friends. But you have to same servers. You can also create your world as per your dream. Therefore, welcome into the world of Minecraft, where you can do what you want to do.

Features of Minecraft Apk pe:

Minecraft pocket edition has many features, which we discussed above:

Fantastic Graphics

This game has beautiful graphics. Colourful and unique graphics easily attract users. While playing Minecraft pocket edition apk, players think they are inside the game and creating a structure with 3d blocks.

Background music

Background music is also the best source of entertainment for users. Users can enjoy beautiful music tracks while playing.

3d blocks:

This game looks like the original due to the 3d blocks.


This game has different modes, such as creative mode and survival mode. In the creative mod, you create something unique and think out of the box. But if you want some complexity, you should choose survival mode.

Play with Friends:

The best opportunity of this game is that friends can also play this game together. But they should have the same server and same internet. They can defeat each other and fight with each other.Minecraft Apk Pe

Updated Features

  • In updated features, they have given the option of the village, like you have to explore and revamp the village.
  • One of the unique features like you have the option of trading.
  • Minecraft also has added new threats that players have to face.


  • Minecraft pocket edition mod apk has excellent gameplay
  • Straightforward and attractive interface
  • It has beautiful eye-catching graphics

Download Minecraft – Pocket Edition Apk

For downloading, you have to follow several steps:

  1. Click on the download button and wait until completed.
  2. After downloading, search Minecraft pe apk in your file manager.
  3. Give permission to the Minecraft app file and click the install button.
  4. After installing, click on the Minecraft pocket edition icon on your mobile interface.
  5. Open the game and enjoy the fantastic gameplay.


Q: Can I play this game on a laptop or Pc?

Yes, you can play this game on pc, but you have to install emulators to run this game on your pc or laptop.

Q: what is the size of this game?

There are 2 files of pocket edition with approximately 260 MBS. You can install and download as per your device requirement.

Q: Can we install these files on iOS devices?

No, you cannot install these files on iOS devices. You install these files on android devices.